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And, they call her “The Queen” – the Road Queen that is.

So first off I have to say I am jealous of Suzy.  Look at this picture, she has a crown on the back of her bike. A crown!  Okay, I’m over it now – temporarily.  So, let’s meet Suzy.

Suzy is an almost 60 year old mother of 3, step mother of 3 and grandmother of 8.  Married to her husband of 6 years (yep – she’s giving marriage another go after her first marriage of 23 years ended in divorce) she abstained for 10 years and then decided, this man was worth it.

Earning her bike license at the age of 43, she’s been riding for over 17 years and during those years she’s traveled around the US.  Some of the more note-worthy rides for the Queen? Lake Superior Circle in which she loved it so much, she’s done it three times, though her comment was, “First time was the best. I was with a group of friends, no couples, just 9 friends.  Only 2 girls.”

Virginia Beach, Virginia and rode the Blue Ridge Mountains. Missouri’s Ozarks was a destination in which she never made it, stopping instead in Kentucky and Tennessee on the Bourbon Tour. Of course Sturgis has been her destination 13 times, she’s never gone with the same group twice. Hmmm.  New Orleans along the Mississippi River was last but not least.

Living in Wisconsin limits the amount of time a biker can actually bike, (which she admits is probably the worst thing about riding), but hopping on her Street Glide (did I mention the crown?) during the summer, the Road Queen rides several times each week, weather allowing.   “My husband has a riding rule, ‘the temperature has to be at least my age before I’ll ride’, he’s 62. We are turning into fair-weather riders as we age! And I am OK with that!”

When I asked the Road Queen what her worst ride was, she mentioned that during her marriage hiatus she had started dating a guy who had invited her to go along on a ride with his friends on a beautiful Wisconsin day and their idea of riding was from bar to bar. “Meaning, drinking at every stop.”  She decided to head out on her own at the second stop. “No drinking and riding. Ever.”  I have to say I agree with her there.

We’ve all ridden in weather not fit for a Queen, but this Queen tells me that two times stick out more in her mind than any others.  Both of them were trips to Tomahawk, WI for the Fall Ride.  One of those rides was on snow and sleet forcing her to stop and wipe the snow off her windshield so she could see.  On top of that, she was camping!  The second time the rains were torrential and they were out in the middle of nowhere, which means ‘no cover’.  Finally riding into a small town, they stopped at a stop light and one of the guys in her group put his foot down, only to find a 5 inch pothole filled with rain.  Needless to say, he and his bike went down.

As far as future riding, the Road Queen and her King are heading to Durango, Colorado in June with 5 couples and are in the early planning stages on a trip to Manitoba, Canada in August of this year.

“The most fascinating thing about riding, especially being a woman, is the interesting people you meet.  I rode single for many years and I never felt unsafe.  It is really true that bikers look out for each other.  Back in the 90’s a woman riding alone was a curiosity.  I would get lots of stares.  And lots of thumbs up!  It’s great to see so many lady riders now!”  Well said, and I have to say, I agree.

I asked the Road Queen to end our interview with a final thought and here is what she said. “Riding my Harley is by far my most favorite thing to do! Seeing the world from a bike is the best vantage point in life! “

Thank you so much Suzy, for sitting with me and sharing your riding experiences.  It’s certainly interesting talking with ladies that love riding.  I hope I see you on the road, as I’m not all that far away from you.  Ride safe!

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