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The Game Plan by RL Mathewson

The Game Plan: A Neighbor from Hell - R.L. Mathewson





I love the Neighbor from Hell series, and I love this book just as much as the book before.


This is Danny and Jodi's story. While I don't know how these people can eat so much and get into so much trouble for eating so much and just raising havoc wherever they go, I still enjoy reading their stories. I looked forward to reading about Danny and I'm so glad I did. Life hasn't always been kind to him, but he's a survivor and has learned what he needs to do to cope and get through daily living. 


Jodi's a survivor in her own right and initially finds Danny to be ridiculously annoying and incorrigible. She's willing to pay whatever it takes to break her lease ten months early so she doesn't have to tolerate Danny's antics any longer. That doesn't work out for her, but a trip to the garbage container starts them on an adventure of a lifetime. 


It's nice to touch base with the Bradfords I've read about and grown to love in previous books. 


I recommend for readers over 18.