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Dance For Me by JC Valentine

Dance for Me (Forbidden Trilogy) (Volume 1) - J.C. Valentine



What do you get when you combine a student/stripper with a sexy, mysterious patron of the club where said stripper dances? You get one sexy read that will keep you turning the pages just as quickly as you can so you can find out what's going to happen next.

Josephine (Joe) has had her share of heartache and has become a strong and independent young woman because of it. To help pay her college tuition, she works as an exotic dancer. It's while working at the club that she meets a mysterious patron who wants to "see" her on the side. No names are exchanged nor are they required. Complete anonymity is the goal. Her mystery man is an aggressive lover, and Joe enjoys some of the wildest sex she ever thought possible. She begins to crave his touch when he's not around.

When Joe walks into her new art class and discovers her mystery man is no longer a mystery, but he is her art professor, she realizes her life is about to become very complicated.

Whether you're a JC Valentine fan already, or this is a first-time read for you, this book will cement you as a fan of hers from here on out.

I believe this is one of her best books to date. I love her writing, and I am amazed at how each book tops the one before it.

Highly recommended for readers over 18.