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Silas by Sabrina Paige (Book 2 of the West Bend Saints series)




Let me begin by saying Sabrina Paige has quickly become one of my favorite authors, and I always look forward to her next book. This one was just as good, if not better, than the last one. 


When they were seventeen, Silas and Tempest loved one another deeply and believed they would be together forever. Then one day, Tempest unexpectedly walked out of Silas's life with no explanation, and she never expected to see him again.


When they end up at the same Las Vegas event -- seven years later -- they meet again and shared what they thought would be one last fling ... for closure. Between jobs, Tempest heads back to West Bend to visit her grandmother in the nursing home. Grandma, by the way, is hysterical, and she adds her brand of levity to the story.


I love the connection between Silas and Tempest, even after being apart for all this time. While he's all man in every sense of the word, he's very charming and sweet. I found his blunt honesty and fortitude to go for what he wanted to be refreshing and sexy. I also love how Tempest could hold her own with him, and I believe he loves that quality about her as well.


In the meantime, love will be growing, and mysteries still need to be solved in West Bend.


Be sure to give this book a read. You'll be looking forward to the next one in the series just like I am.


I recommend this book to anyone over 18.