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My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst Enemy - Mrs Emma L Smith I received a copy of this book from the author to read and review.

What a roller coaster ride! Holy smokes...I didn't think I was going to make it through until I used ALL the tissues in the box. This is a story of true love, heartache, passion, trust, mental illness, and human tragedy. Sometimes through a series of events, our lives can take a turn upside down on us before we even know it's happened. The brain and heart can be changeable at a moment's notice.

Bethany (Tink) has loved her twin brother's best friend since she first met him. Trick has loved his best friend's sister since he first met her. Tragic events lead these two through some extremely rough waters. Reality or a made-up reality threatens them at every turn until love (and stubbornness) prevails.

I LOVED this book in spite of the tears and the angst in my heart. I believe for a book to invoke such emotion like this one did, the writing has to be exceptional. I felt like I was watching this play out on a screen right in front of me and I was so involved with the characters that I pleaded with the author (she didn't hear me of course) to "please make it right." That being said, the ending did not disappoint.

This is my first time reading any of Emma's writing, but I can promise you I am a fan for life. She has the ability to bring her characters to life in a way I haven't read in a very long time.

Trust me, you're going to love this book. But, be warned, you're gonna need tissues--lots of them!