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My First, My Last

My First, My Last - Lacey Silks I always look forward to reading Lacey's books. She has a way of touching the heart in ways that make me laugh, cry, get anxious, and laugh and cry some more. And, she didn't disappoint with this one. I couldn't put this book down and read it in one sitting.

My First, My Last is such a sweet love story that scratched my itch to satisfy the feeling of being loved and adored. Second chances don't come around always, so when they do, you just gotta grab hold and never let go. This story really got to my heart--I loved it! It's not too often an author can touch my emotions as strongly as Lacey tends to do.

You've got to give this one a read. You won't be sorry!

I highly recommend this story to all readers over 18.