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Savin' Me

Savin' Me  - Alannah Lynne This is my first time reading anything by Alannah Lynne, and I'm definitely adding myself to her list of fans.

This story between Kat and Erik just made me smile and laugh and even get a bit misty-eyed at times. The author weaved together a lovely and believable romance between the two. The emotions pulled from Erik are heartfelt and understandable, given his loss of an almost fianc������e ten years prior. He needed Kat to finally pull him from his self-imposed hell he had placed himself into, but it took him a bit to figure it out. Kat's stubbornness and fortitude, along with encouragement from his two best buddies, hopped into action when it was needed most. When he realized he could lose her, his need to take care of her forever (for better or for worse) kicked in, and he was where he needed to be. The story ends as it should. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. Although I understand there are different characters in book two, I'm hoping the author will further build on Kat and Eric's story.

As a side note: there is a character Annie who appears briefly but captures your heart. I loved her spunk and her love for Erik.

And Kat's granddad, known only as Granddad, is a gem.

Thanks Alannah for the book. I loved every minute of it.