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Layers Deep

Layers Deep - Lacey Silks This was a copy provided by the author.

Tristan Cross and Allie have undeniable chemistry throughout, and I fell in love with them both.

As a young girl, Allie witnessed her pregnant mother's rape by a family "friend" -- Dave Wright--(that resulted in the death of the unborn child and nearly killed her mother). Their lives would never be the same after that. Because Wright had threatened Peg that he would harm Allie if she told anyone, that was all she needed to keep quiet and pack up and move away to places unknown for fear of what more Wright might do.

That was the day that Allie decided to follow in her father's footsteps and become a policeman...she had pledged that she would never again feel helpless and unable to protect herself from a man again, and she would one day get revenge.

Tristan Cross (owner of a private investigation and securities firm) wants to hire Allie to help him rescue a friend from a sex-trafficking ring. Allie thinks this could be her opportunity to use Tristan's connections to exact her revenge on the man who had caused her family so much pain, so she agrees to work for him.

Things heat up rather quickly between the two and they work together to pull together a plan to rescue Kendra. Lots of hot, steamy sex as well as humor ensues.

There are some very funny, laugh-out-loud moments in the book that just added to the enjoyment of the read.

However, the book ends with a cliffhanger which disappoints me, only because I don't wait very patiently ... all in all an excellent book. So very much looking forward to the next book. In the meantime, however, I'm going to find that prequel.