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The Do-Over

The Do-Over - M.K. Schiller I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

This is my second M.K. Schiller book, and I can promise you it won't be my last.

Kyle: "You're crazy blunt. If you don't like my choice, please feel free to leave."

Lanie: "I love it."

Kyle: "Well then why are you so offended?"

Lanie: "Who said I was offended? It's just very obvious that you're totally put off by me in every way."

Kyle: "Not every way. Your handshake is firm."

Kyle Manchester (a hot, womanizing journalist) and Brad Jansen are childhood friends. Brad works at the same law firm as Lanie Carmichael. Brad dates Lanie's sister, Cassie. Brad calls in a favor for Kyle to take his girlfriend's sister (Lanie) out. Kyle reluctantly agrees. At their first meeting, Lanie confesses to Kyle she's in love with Brad. She wants Kyle to help her win Brad's heart, and she offers him the story of a lifetime that could lead to his winning a Pulitzer if he agrees to help her.

What follows is a pretend relationship between the two that will change their lives forever.

You're going to love this story. I know I did.