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Aerenden: The Child Returns

Aerenden: The Child Returns - Kristen Taber I received a copy of this book from the author to read and review. This is not my typical genre of choice, but I have to say this author won me over with this story.

���������Earth, water, fire, and air,��������� the voice sang as the breeze gusted
stronger, swirling leaves in a vortex around her. ���������They are your
friends, but you���������d best beware. The forest path you travel along will
soon bring you to a deadly wrong. Find the way the water leads you,
and you will find the man who sees you.���������--"The Child Returns"

The story begins with Meaghen having a nightmare...a recurring nightmare that still frightens her. Her friend, Nick, is the only one she talks to about her nightmares and this night is no different than any other.

The next day Meaghen is forced to leave the life she knows as "normal" and thrust into a magical world called Aerenden--a world with portals, empaths, seers, guardians, Mardroch, and animals that look like monkeys but are called dranx--a world where jicab root's healing powers work wonders, in spite of the disgusting taste.

This book was a page turner from beginning to end and I read it in one day. The author's creation of this magical world is well written, and I was impressed with how she brought all the pieces together in a way that kept my interest.

I look forward to the next installment in this series to see what happens in Aerenden with Meaghen and Nick.

I highly recommend this book. I will be looking for more of Kristen's books. She definitely has a new fan in me.

Kristen mentions her grandfather in her acknowledgements, but I'd like to go on record to thank him for introducing her to story telling and encouraged her to create.