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Second Chances

Second Chances - P.J. Fiala I received a copy of this book from the author to read and review.

Five stars! I could have easily given this more.

Samantha (Sam) Powell, a widow of one year, is just living life day to day. Even though her marriage of twenty-nine years was lived with a man manipulated by his mother equally as long and later suffered severe depression, Sam's life is now at a standstill.

Grayson (Gray) Kinkaide, divorced seven years, is the owner of Kinkaide Architects & Engineering, Inc. After spending many, many years in a hopeless marriage, he still desires a meaningful relationship but doesn't believe it's in the cards for him, so he has thrown himself into his work.

���������Mrs. Koepple, if God wants me to have a man in my life, He���������s going to have to have him walk right through that front door.���������--Sam from "Second Chances"

Life as Sam and Gray knew it would never be the same again.

This is the BEST story I have read in a very long time. I wanted to laugh and to cry and to shout and cry some more. My heart went out to both of these people, and the way the author drew me into the story, I found myself immediately invested in their relationship. There are secondary characters whose stories drew me in as well. The familial ties in the story is just the icing on the cake.

I loved this story. I believe you will too.

I highly recommend this book to readers 18+.