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Stinger - Mia Sheridan Mia Sheridan did it again!

This book was all I wanted it to be and more...so much more! Carson and Grace's story is one of those stories that defies the odds to achieve the unattainable. An emotional roller coaster from the very beginning, this story has love, heartache, and drama all served up with a dollop of mystery and intrigue.

Sometimes chance meetings and unusual circumstances come along and totally change the plans you've made for your life. So it was with Carson and Grace who are polar opposites but feel an instant connection the first time they meet.

���Why do you call me Buttercup?���
��� Mia Sheridan, Stinger

I loved this book and I hope you will too! Be sure to have the tissues handy; you're going to need them!

I highly recommend this book for ages 18+.