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Tapout (Wayward Fighters Book 2)

Tapout (Wayward Fighters Book 2) - J.C. Valentine "Tapout" picks up where "Knockout" left off. The book opens with Alyson purposely not looking at what is happening in front of her: Jami in the ring at his latest fight and utilizing a new technique he has learned from his manager, Don. Ewww!!

I love the connection these two have. Ally is the one Jami wants to be with, and she is the first one he looks for when he enters a room. This man won my heart in "Knockout." The love they share shines through, even when things aren���t always just right. And isn���t that true in life? One can love another all they want, but that doesn���t mean they give up whenever there���s a bump in the road. The mere fact that one loves so much is what causes so much hurt. There���s a lot more at stake in this story. Ally has job troubles���big ones. Jami is pursuing his dream, but he has his own troubles. Their troubles soon converge to reveal lies and deceit that could make or break them.

I really liked how the author works the story line around their respective troubles. There are a few surprises along the way that kept me wondering how it was going to work out. So many times a rashly-made decision, without giving any thought at all to the consequences, can lead to big, big troubles. This could be the biggest fight of their lives!

If you loved Knockout like I did, you have to read Tapout to see what happens with Jami and Ally. I really hope you���ll love this story as much as I did.

I highly recommend it to ages 18+ due to some sexual content.