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Sweet Victory

Sweet Victory - Ember Casey All three books in this series were great (His Wicked Games, Truth or Dare, and Sweet Victory). I really, really liked this series.

I had started reading a boxed set of ten books written by ten different authors. One of the books in that collection was His Wicked Games by Ember Casey. This was a first Ember Casey read for me, and I was so impressed with her writing after reading this book that I had to set aside the boxed set and immediately go and purchase the next two books in Ember's series and read them right away. The way Lily and Calder connect in this series had my attention from beginning to end. The second book--Truth or Dare--however, had me bawling like a baby almost the whole way through. I got so connected to these two, and my need for angst was totally satisfied. The final book, Sweet Victory, ended as it should have, and left me longing for more of these two characters.

I am definitely an Ember Casey fan now, and I believe after you read these books you will be a fan too!

Highly recommend for ages 18+.