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Lick - Kylie Scott

Imagine you wake up hugging the porcelain god after spending a night celebrating your 21st birthday in Las Vegas. And that you not only got married and you're wearing a wedding ring to prove it but that you are now the wife of a smokin' hot rock star?

That's exactly what happens to Evelyn Thomas when she wakes to find she's married to David Ferris, a guitarist in a rock band, Stage Dive.

Their chemistry is undeniable and they both see something in the other that completes them as never before. Evelyn's life has been planned out for her since she was a child. Is this what she really wants? Will the demands of being married to a rock star be too much for Ev to handle?

This novel had me turning the pages every so quickly so I could see what would happen next; I couldn't put it down. I absolutely LOVED this story. I hope you will too.