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Raine - J.C. Valentine

���Something Raine had learned in her short nineteen years of life on earth was that nothing was permanent.���

I love J.C.���s books, but this one is right up there among a favorite for me. The characters were believable and the circumstances so real to life that it had my emotions riding the old proverbial roller coaster.

Quiet and shy, Raine seemed to not fit in anywhere until she was asked out by the top jock���popular and good looking���Cameron Moss. But did she really fit in? Or were Cameron���s friends just tolerant of her because of him? The night of prom was a turning point for her, and life, as she now knew it, would never be the same. He���d said he loved her. He���d lied to her and used her in the worst way. Now, she���s pregnant and alone ��� totally alone.

Until one day, she finds comfort from the one man whom she would never have believed to be there, Jarret Moss, Cameron���s older brother. I laughed with them, I cried with them, and I cheered for them--every step of the way.

Give this book a read, and I promise you this is a story you won���t soon forget.

I would recommend for ages 18+ due to sexual situations and strong language. In addition, it contains violence and rape, and the author warns that some readers might find the content offensive.