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Layers Crossed

Layers Crossed - Lacey Silks
I have loved Lacey���s writing since reading the first book of her Layers series where we meet the Cross brothers, the owners of Cross Enterprises, for the first time.

Now it���s several years later and little Emma Cross has grown up into a beautiful young woman. She���s still as tenacious as ever and determined to impress her brothers enough that they���ll give her a case of her own, instead of the cheaters cases they���ve had her working.

The story begins with Emma about to strip in a dive of a bar as a result of losing a bet to her best friend. During her performance, she catches the eye of a handsome cowboy, Eric Waters. Her brothers show up unexpectedly and she leaves with them before getting the cowboy���s name or phone number.

The next day at work Julian and Tristan tell her they have a case they want her to work on and ask her to meet the new client who turns out to be none other than her handsome cowboy.

Will these two be able to stay focused on business and avoid pleasure? This is a story of intrigue and mystery where lies have been told and deceit could be the undoing for all involved. Oh yeah, and a bit of sex and romance as well.

This is a must read for lovers of a good mystery romance. I highly recommend for readers over 18.