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48 Hours 'Til Christmas

48 Hours 'Til Christmas - Stephany Tullis
Our story takes place in Smoothville, Georgia just in time for the highly anticipated Christmas Extravaganza. From the pews of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church to the halls of the mayor���s office, it felt like anything but Christmas.

A recent mayoral election had broken up the solitude of Smoothville and left the townspeople at odds with one another. Friendships had been tested, trusts had been broken, and there was more finger-pointing than they knew how to handle. With Christmas right around the corner, it was believed a celebration was in order to help unite the citizens and bring peace and order to their community once again. But, there was a Scrooge in their midst and they needed to stop him before their Christmas celebration was ruined.

In the true fashion of Christmas spirit, the townspeople work to come together through forgiveness, family ties, and community.

I easily identified with the unique characters brought to life by this author, and I found myself cheering for them every step of the way.

I loved this story, and I think you will too.