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Elias - Sabrina Paige Elias is the first book in the West Bend Saints series. This is my fourth Sabrina Paige book, and she didn't disappoint.

You're about to meet River Andrews, a runaway actress trying to escape a bad relationship and a career she really never wanted to begin with. Elias Saint is an injured veteran returning to the last place he'd like to go: his hometown.

Let me say right off that one of the things I like most about Sabrina's writing is her unapologetic way of presenting her characters--they're often rugged and crude and the hero and heroine are often the most unlikely pair to get together. She somehow pulls it off and the next thing you know, a big and burly wounded veteran can turn an ordinary situation into a sweet, romantic, and sexually-charged good time.

The chemistry between the two main characters was hot, and I liked that they didn't play games. They knew what they wanted, voiced it, and went for it. The banter between the two was comical at times and I liked that too.

I recommend this book for those over 18.